Above clouds


They call it “Maintenance of plantation areas” but I would describe it as a total visual enjoyment. And fatigue.

Last weekend I spent in mountains taking care of plants and working actively with a hoe. Our team leader Emanuel explained to us that reforestation months have already finished and it’s a time to take care of invasive species. So, again, we were working hard with hoes uprooting a thorny plant which name I forgot as soon I left that battlefield covered with that weed (please don’t misinterpret me).

Days after that Saturday my hands were sore and aching a lot, but at least I’m holding these marvelous photos as a reminding how special was the feeling of standing inside clouds which were not passing by but literally going through me.

But before clouds have swallowed the land and us (volunteers), bringing long-awaited freshness after scorching direct sun, before we caught the bus and joined a group of “friends of nature” at the parking lot, here is a photo of morning Funchal sіhining in the rays of the rising sun:

DSC_76629AM, I bet half of Madeira was sleeping, but I was inside the bus. On the way to mountains it made a stop at some restaurant-cafe for a coffee. Is it a completely Madeiran or Portuguese tradition to have a coffee before starting anything?

Anyways, even though the view on a halfway to our final stop was also charming, the next photos I took were already at the place we got out of the bus:


Then sort of climbing to our almost final destination (we are in mountains after all! That means non-stop hiking):



These was a… m-m-m, let me remember… I think it was an ultra trail? So as I understood some sort of an international event for fans to run in mountains:


Ah yes, if to trust Google it was Madeira Island Ultra Trail – MIUT Trail Running ultra race at Madeira Island.

Moving on from these running guys, we reached our “camp”: a place equipped with dining tables, toilet, closet for instruments and kitchen (behind the camera). How lovely.


Short briefing:


After being instructed, we moved to our actual working spot. No photos of our hard work, but there’s a glance at the kitchen where some women were preparing a lunch for us, exhausted and hungry horde:


Sunny morning and noon in a flash turned to a mystic white-grey-green landscape:




So, finished with work, finished with lunch we went back to the civilization and noise pollution. And this is what locals call “there is no bad weather on Madeira. You take a car, leave your rainy village and in 30 min appear in sun”. This is how Funchal greeted us:



Clouds, but all above mountains.

P.S. Thanks to Associação dos Amigos do Parque Ecológico do Funchal for the chance to join them

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