Garden of Eden

This experience that i had in the last 2 months has left large imprint on my memories. Actually i don`t know even how to explain it but i will choose 7 words to describe it.

Majestic – like the stunning viewpoints of the island
Adventurous – like the amazing time spent exploring new paths.
Dynamic –  like the project work and my input on the project
Energetic – like the time spent on surfing, swimming, hiking…
Incredible – like the locals and the participants on the project
Revealing – like the project it self that helped me to find my hidden skills
Adorable – like the view towards the open see.

P.S. Why Garden of Eden? – Because it resembles on the description like the garden where Adam and Eve were created, but just without snakes. 🙂 17571832_10213152450434423_1400610083_o

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