Busy week

Last week was very active and lively. The volunteers had a lot to do and there for the week flew by. Leading up till this week we have been planning a international dinner to raise money for reforestation. The plan was for every country to cook couple of traditional dishes from their country and do a very brief presentation. Me and Maria cooked traditional fish stew or in Icelandic “plokkfisk”, which is normally made from the left over fish from the night before. As for desert we baked about 100 cinnamon buns and covered them with chocolate glaze.  The international dinner was a success, around 70+ people showed up and to me everyone seemed to be enjoying their food and entertainments. It was very nice to see the hole volunteering group working to gather and making this evening very enjoyable and we managed to raise some money. So yayy for us and teamwork. 😛

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