The Return

The grass is always greener somewhere else.

The moment I arrive in the Netherlands – and note, the Dutch experience starts in the plane overloaded with Dutch tourists who are grumpy about the minor delay – the fast pace and impatience strikes me. As I slowly walk to the train station people overtake me on both sides. They all seem to have to go somewhere, and go somewhere fast. I, too, am on my way. But I take dozens of extra time and don’t mind waiting. I even find the space to walk to the supermarket close to my home (Note: I always bike. Always. Biking is faster). What a surprise that some of Camara de Lobos’ calme has now been incorporated within me!

But it doesn’t last long. One week is enough to get back to fast pace and become irritated with my surroundings once again. My mind becomes focused and my thinking takes on speed – which also feels good.

How can we have the best of both worlds?

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