My first hitchhiking experience

On Sunday 5th of March we went with a small group to walk levada do Moinho. We took the bus at 08:30 and we drove for 1,5 hours, which is a very long time considering it can take less than an hour by car. But we enjoyed it anyway, the view was amazing.

The rest of the day was also amazing. The levada was beautiful, Ponta do sol was adorable and we enjoyed eachothers company. But for me the one thing that stood out on this day was the fact that the bus didn’t show up and we had to hitchhike our way back to Camara de Lobos. I was nervous and excited at the same time, because I have never done this.

So we picked a nice spot and gave a thumbs up to passing cars. People were smiling, laughing and at the same time pointing to the other passengers in their car indicating that there was no room for more people. At last after 20 minutes an older couple stopped their car and they could take us to Ribeira Brava. Still a long way from our final destination, but we took the opportunity anyway. They were local people but still were able to understand our English, which was surprising.

In Ribeira Brava we dit the same routine and again after 15 minutes a local older couple stopped their car for us. They were on their way to Funchal but were so kind to drop us off at Camara de Lobos. They even drove us all the way to the city centre.

Overall my first hitchhiking experience has been amazing, and I hope the next time will be as well.

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