The blooming of the colors!

The whole Carnival experience had a huge impact on my senses. The colors dancing in the rhythms of the jumping music with a touch of nudeness  make your eyes wander all around, your ears twist and point to the sounds of the drums and your body subconsciously starts to jiggle in the rhythm of the every carnival vehicle.

The first day of the carnival in the center of Funchal was a bit crowded with tourists but that is why we got the opportunity to cheer up with some Poncha and dance like crazy all night long.

Then the day when the carnival was passing trough our town Camara de Lobos, thanks to the locals we got the access to a nice balcony with a view directly to the parade of the carnival.

And the culmination with the participation of us in the main parade on the last day as a Rastafari on a huge truck filled with positive vibes, rasta music, beer and BBQ sausages. We could not stop dancing till the last moment. All eyes on us as we play with the rasta colors and all the flags representing our countries.



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