Exploring your inner artist!

For me  it is always difficult to express myself in conventional artistic way. I can say that my artistic skills are on the level of surreal speed painting or i just don`t have any :D. This means that i always struggled to express myself with painting. But this EVS experience has changed me a lot.

Firstly we had a task to prepare Rasta shirts for the carnival. The first technique was tie dying so everybody had a chance to try to create his own Rasta shirt. Of course my shirt was in the colors of the Rasta culture. The yellow color is said by some to refer to the wealth of their homeland in Africa. The red is perhaps unsurprisingly symbolic of blood and the martyrdom of past Rastafari  and the green is related to the abundant plant life of their native homeland.

When i opened my shirt i was surprised and so happy about the playfulness of the colors and their intensity but after a while they faded away and they leaked. So i had to do something. I went to our office and i grabbed a brush and i started playing with the leftover colors. Unconsciously painting i was using different shades of the 3 rasta colors and when i opened my eyes in front of me was this surprise:

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