The games of Levada do Norte

There are some moments in life that you didn’t plan,but they turn out to be the ones to cherish forever.I think I am still in delirium and believe that Madeira is just a dream.I am positively schocked by the conditions that we went through yesterday.

This is how the story begins…

There were four guys known aThe Fantastic Four 😂.

the fantastic four 😛

The destiny united them to play the game that they created.The game was called Levada do Norte.One day they signed up for it and got the first check point at Cabo Girão which made them more addicted.They reached the second level called Quinta Grande and won one star,which obviously wasn’t enough for them.

the game’s instructions

They wanted more and more,no matter the circumstances.So this is the point when the game started for real and they were aware that there might not be way out.They were exposed on different conditions and tests.

First of all,they were welcomed by the amazing levada’s symphony accompanied by other sounds of the nature that washed their worries and tried to hypnotize them in order to rule over them.The nature didn’t know that these guys are the rule’s breakers.They passed the easy level of steep paths,which further was becoming more tough.They were supposed to walk and try to hesitate looking down to not get tricked by the magical landscapes because only one wrong step could’ve be fatal.The other tests were steep,slippery paths that appear under waterfalls and you have to be strong to overcome the pleasure having the fresh,cold shower.Another part were the tunnels that were giving impression of getting out of them soon,but in fact the end is further. Additionally, to make this harder for the players,inside you could’ve hear the creepy sounds of the water drops and the wind that was coming from out.There were tunnels where also it was really muddy. At the end the game became mix of all the tests.

Literary you could’ve hear the heart beats of the fanatastic four from really far,that sounded like fast and mysterious drums.It is undescribable the mix of their feelings: fear,joy,excitement, pride,the starve for going further, the expectations to accomplish the walk.They didn’t give up neither thought a second  to quit. Finally, they won the game.The prizes were waiting for them. They were impatient and did hitchhiking  with aim to recieve quicker the golden chalices with Agrella’s poncha.🏆😛

The end…


This is a story,to be told generations after.

Sending you warm hug >–(*_*)–<,Tammy


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