Grow – Expand – Explore

Already 3 weeks on this lovely island Madeira and it still gives more and more. My first taught before coming to  the island was ,, Ahh, it is just a small island, i will explore it in 10 days! “, but NO. I just touched the nature of the island and had just a glimpse of the beauties surrounding me. GOPR0710.JPG

Firstly the town Camara de Lobos inspires every living soul. The taste of the seafood and poncha connected with the views of the city, that even Winston Churchill was amused by them and decided that they are worth to be painted on canvas personal by him, gives incredible beat in the hearth that is filling every each of your senses and pushes the limits for growth of the dopamine level. G0011148.JPG

Than the attractions for walking activities all around the island offer amazing sights that show us how small we are and how huge is the open ocean. Taking more than 5000 steps to reach Cabo Girao directly from our Town offers huge expansion of the lungs to fill them with oxygen and iodide from the sea and of course, the amazing view from one of the highest cliffs with a glass terrace that makes your adrenaline to explode.16735469_10154027475481377_2107349467_o

One of the things that left me impressed and still impresses me in my dreams is the walk of the Levada do Norte, which is long more than 30 km, if you start from the hearth of Camara de Lobos and finishes with the untouched nature of Sera de Agua. Exploring your physical and mental limits for walking long distances and walking on the edge of a cliff filled with waterfalls and tunnels will for sure make your hearth pump more and more and more.

And there is still more to go, to do, so you can Grow, Expand and Explore .


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