The feeling in your stomach

The evening I arrived on Madeira, I felt like I was the main character in my own adventure novel. On this foggy, rainy evening, Madeira didn’t look like one of Europe’s pensioner hotspots, but like Treasure Island or Jurassic Park. Stepping out into the warm Madeira air, I made an invisible happy jump and some overwhelming feeling of excitement filled my body.

That whole evening and during the first few days I kept this small excitement somewhere in my body. I realised that it was the wonderful feeling that absolutely everything is new. No one knows you and you don’t know anyone. The people are new, the place is new and everything smells different. There are no missed chances yet or old sores. No sad feelings or awkward moments. There is only the oppurtunity of a completely different and new environment.
After a few days the feeling grows smaller. It doesn’t shout for attention anymore, but still lingers somewhere. You get used to a different pace of living and create new routines. There are groceries to buy and there’s a cleaning schedule to follow. Adventure seems far away sometimes.
What I hope for myself, for everyone on this project and also for everyone who has nothing to do with it, that we all will be able to keep that feeling of excitement and adventure tingling somewhere. That we may enjoy our routines, but are still able to completely forget them sometimes. That we may keep exploring and looking at our surroundings with new eyes every day. That we may keep discovering other sides to the people around us.

That we may all keep this feeling alive and let it steer us to new directions and unexpected places.


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