My first impressions

Since I am in Madeira, my impressions for this island are more intense day by day. The nature here is truly unique, which is perhaps the biggest reason that I decided to take this step. Ever since I was little, I was interested in the natural beauties of my country and I visited them, so my stay on this island has a very special meaning to me. I would like to mention that we visited one of the national parks of the archipelago, the island Dezertash which abounds with many endemic species of plants and birds, where nature is fully preserved from the negative influences of the human.

I would like to say a few more words about the population of this island, i.e. the people’s mentality from my experience in this little time that I have spent with them. They are really friendly, hospitable and warm people. Almost always they’re in the mood for socializing and having fun with friends, or simply said -they know how to live their lives. All of this is a great pleasure for me and I hope that I will keep all these positive impressions until the end of my stay.

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