My roller coaster ride to Desertas Islands

My first proper week in Madeira and the Teatro Metaphora has been very interesting, fun and educational. I am still learning my way around Camara de Lobos, by hiking and exploring for now. I feel the people in here are very friendly. In the last week and half, since I arrived in Funchal we have done a lot of stuff. What stood up was the trip to Desertas last Thursday. Though we might not have spent a lot of time on the island itself.

This past week we have also been looking at how much waste we actually produce in one week. The short term volunteer’s where dived in to two groups. One group would try their best for a week to produce no waste, that is avoid all packaging, but biodegradable waste is ok. The other team is carefully storing all there refusal and by the end of the week we will have a look how much we actually collect in a normal week. I’m collecting all my refuse and already I have almost filled a hole plastic bag. But more about that in my next blog!

The trip to Desertas started with a bus to Funchal, from there the navy ship departed. The journey there took about 3 hours, but to actually get on the island we had to go five at a time on a inflatable boat. We had life vest’s on and I was prepared to swim to shore, the boat was hitting the waves quite hard. But we got there safe and sound, no one fell over. This was kind of like being an a roller coaster, very entertaining! Unfortunately we were only able to spend an hour on the island and missed the mediterranean monk seals. But no harm done. This was an amasing day, the island was very beautiful and actually reminded me a lot of Icelandic nature. The cliff’s, rocks and lack there was of trees. I’m very thankful that the Portuguese navy let us tag along.

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