My first date ^^

There is a quote that says: “Live like heaven is on earth”. Well,I would simply change it into: “Live on Madeira Island and then you will find the heaven”. I am amazed of every single corner,plant,rock,tree.Even the cat Ugly in our neighborhood that loves probably only fighting and eating garbage amaze me in some way.Another thing that I can’t describe is how generous people are here.I bet that the best authors or artists in the world can’t find proper way to express the beauty of this magical place.

On the day of my arrival,even before the plane landed at the airport, the ocean casted its spell on me.Since then,wherever I go or whatever I do, I hear the Atlantic calling me. 

It’s been already two weeks living here and I feel like local.We’ve been doing many things and I could write book out of it.There’s emotional chaos in my mind but still the one thing that stands out is my first date with the ocean.

One day I woke up and had some strange but still nice feeling. I kind of knew that something amazing will happen.I opened the window of our room and saw the little box of sunshine that Camara the Lobos was sending to brighten our day.Suddenly,I heard whisper that came with the wind.The Atlantic was inviting me for a date. I said to my roomie “get ready we go for a swim”.

Later on,I was standing on the shore hypnotized of the wild wave’s performance. They were dancing wrapped in white foamy dresses.I was just standing and staring like frozen statue but they wanted me to join and dance with them.I simply couldn’t resist the temptation. The craziest thing for me was the  feeeling like the ocean was pulling me while standing in the water. My heart was beating faster.I got the first salty kiss.Then I simply fell in love with the wild,free,blue ocean.

sending  virtual hug >–(^.^)–< , Tammy

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