Stew of ideas !

As it is the first week of the EVS project, we had the general introduction of the project ,,Green Raid” where we meet the local public body responsible for the forests and the wild life in the municipality of Câmara de Lobos where we discussed about the local problems with the forests and the nature around the Island – Madeira. Then we went level up  high close to Pico de Arieiro where we met with the local community that is organizing reforestation with endemic and indigenous plants. Perfect for exploration and to plant our start of the project.

This 2 gatherings gave us fruits and vegetables to start making our stew of ideas. So where was the perfect place to make the stew ?  Ileau, the park in the middle of Câmara de Lobos where the motivation hits you from the beauty of the island and the level of mind relaxation is higher than anyone expects. We started throwing the fruits and the vegetables all over the place till we finally created a form of a stew with ideas for a burned wood statues, non-formal activities for the classes in the school, inventing and avatar logo that represents the forest protection and sustainability and close it up with public event. Even though our stew is made from our fruits and vegetables we are still cooking it! That is why we need the spices and herbs to add it up so we can have the complete flavor so we can match the taste of the locals. Spices will be provided by our organization Teatro Metafora and the herbs will be provided by the locals. We hope that our stew will leave long impression with its taste and consistency.

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