On February 9 2017, we went on a trip to the Desertas islands with everyone from the green raid project and other long-term volunteers from other projects. The day started off with a bus ride to Funchal and a walk to the city harbour to find the boat. It turned out to be a navy boat which was impressive to see.

We took about 3 hours to get to the islands, but we had to enter a smaller rubber boat to actually reach the island where normally the people who guard the nature reserve stay. Once we reached the island it was overwhelming to see it all. Words can’t describe its beauty and uniqueness, which is why I made a lot of pictures. There was no monk-seal to be seen, but it looked like thousands of lizards were crawling under the small rocks alongside the path. Also the big rocks have beautiful layering which was formed due volcanic activity. Unfortunately we could only stay on the island for one hour or else the sea would get too rough to travel back to the navy boat.

Once back on the boat the people from the navy were so kind to do a bit of sightseeing alongside the coast of Madeira. And to all our surprises we stumbled across a group of dolphins who were happily swimming alongside the boat. This trip was definately one that I will never forget.

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