Collecting stories in Camara De Lobos

Starting a new year, it would be nice  to know more about the place where we are doing a volunteer project: Camara de Lobos. Walking around the city of Camara the Lobos it is not difficault to meet people that want to speak with you, that are interested to know who tou are, where you are from, and why you came to Madeira.

People are also very sociable when they are in the bars of the city, if you just ask a simple question about the history of the place or other traditional aspects of Camara De Lobos, they will put so much effort to tell you what they know, and sometimes they start to argue because they do not agree in some points between each others. Trough the experience of living in the Island I had the idea to start a foto-documentary project. The aim of the project is to collect stories from the people that live in the island, interview them, shoot them pictures and finally select the most interesting people and stories and  make a documentary with the interviews and create a big wall whose bricks are made of the pictures with the people. The interesting aspect of this idea is to show a different point of view of the island, something more original and more related to the daily life of the people that live and were born in the island. People can enjoy this kind of experiment feeling reppresented and having the opportunity to express their stories and their opinions, in the end everything will be posted and shared in the social networks in order to have a collection of experience from reality that can be appreciate from the locals because the intention of the project is to go deep in the soul of the island, not a simple touristic reportage.

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