Presépio. Warning: mostly media content

Two days ago we’ve done some sort of a bus tour around the island. Well, it’s better to call it… pilgrimage? dsc_6374You know who is this dancing guy? That’s Lino, he was our guide throughout our tour for nativity scenes (in other words special exhibitions for Christmas). Natasha will tell you more about what we’ve actually done, and I’ll just flood this article with (in my honest opinion!) beau-u-utiful photos. Not only of presepios, but nature. Enjoy!

Mostly presepios are shoving scenes regarding to the birth of Jesus. Or a daily life of peasants (this is my perception of what I’ve seen):

But it’s worth to pay tribute that locals on Madeira have got some sense of humor – Madeirans love to play cards on streets, presepios like to reflect what Madeirans like to do:

In the break between different locations we stopped in Curral das Freiras to have a lunch. I was hunting to take some photos of participants. Look, this is my mentor! Patricia, the girl, who knows how to live in Zen.


And this is Lidia. Her superpower is to smile very widely:


This is Simon. He is Italian. And his outfit matches the background perfectly:


And this is Porto da Cruz I fell in love with. Can’t imagine it’s actually winter here:


It’s a really nice place to stop for some time and get a rest, maybe some photos or notes, or sketches:

1,5 euros (bus fee) was THE BEST investment so far: for this money I got a little bit more to a local culture, hanged out with new people and chilled out, exposing already pale face to the sun.

See you soon, ребзя!

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