We are back!

Long time no see, huh?

That’s because there were so many things going on in Metaphora, Christmas, New Year, Madeira…

Did you know that Madeira has not only 9 micro climates,  which makes this place so unique in terms of nature and exploring the island; but also the weather here sometimes is so… Unpredictable? Well, I could not imagine THESE storms and warm, almost tropical rains, boiling ocean, strong wind. And still it looks beautiful! I know you like pictures and nature 🙂 So take a look and guess why Churchill loved this place:


So, after I took this picture, suffered under the sudden rain, but kept walking in the direction of Metaphora’s office, I met this guy. I tried to talk to him in Portuguese, and he replied with “Madeira bonita!” Thumb up for him!


And some other day it looks like nothing happened, sunny and well:


Do you guess the place? It’s the library. Somehow this place got a very light and pleasant vibe and atmosphere. And also the best views.

And again library, evening. Actually, that was a sunsets (a stunning one!) on the International volunteer’s day:


Camara de Lobos got pretty for Christmas. This a wire, hanged along the bay with letters on it, saying “Boas festas”:



Stay tuned, we have a lot to share with you!


P.S. got no plans for today? Check this out!


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