Making natural colors with volcan stones.


One of the most interesting aspect about Madeira Island is her geological history. The island was generated by a stream of magma that raised a platform of land from a depth of 4000 m in the deep ocean to the 1862 m of Pico Ruivo, the highest place in the island.  The island is very ancient, it’s  foundation is established around 5 million years ago. Discovering the Island is a wonderfull experience that can be seen as a magic contact with the ancient and deep heart of the earth, wich is rappresented by the volcan stones that are all around  the island, expecially the red dusty stones.

Trough the deep contact with the island and its nature raised the idea to make colors with this stone that can easily become red dust, yellow and orange. There is no need to explain the connection that exist between this colours and it’original element: fire.

It would be great to experimet the creation of natural colors from this stone, that can be used to promote activities of drawing and painting, together with volonteers, including local people.

It is possible to create colors using the dust of the stones, water and flour, in order to have different colors gradations, that can be used to create a social taller of painting where people can feel free to participate, to share experiences, improve and have fun!!

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