Santa’s workshop in Metaphora


The office of Teatro Metaphora has turned into Santa’s workshop. There are several elves that are helping to prepare Christmas decorations. It’s a partnership between our organization and the local library. Every month the library arranges their huge window according to the topic of the month, and in December of course it’s Christmas!


The work is lead by our EVS volunteer Natalia: she introduced the technique of paper knitting, and most of the decorations are made of old newspapers. Additional small cute things are made of recycled materials, too – you can say it’s “a business card” of Teatro Metaphora. The rest of EVS volunteers – Dasha, Simon and Mattia – are helping Natasha as well!

The opening day is near – we are going to present our results on 5 December. It’s the International Volunteers Day, so it’s going to be a big event near the library. The atmosphere is getting more and more tense – still a lot of work to do, some mismatch in the materials, and Natalia who wants everything to look perfect. Ooops she just cut her finger very badly! Oh no!


All in all, we are anticipating Christmas a lot and really hope that people will like our bright decorated window! Come to see it next week.

XOXO from Natasha & Dasha

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