What about body language?!

Equality day celebration was held in the Municipal Library of Câmara de Lobos on the 24th of October. Teatro Metaphora was asked to help to entertain children, who were coming for the exhibition. Since some volunteer still are not thaaaat fluent in Portuguese (but they zealously want), pantomime was the best solution.


Crazy squad is completed… Here we are:



In the morning 3 mimes and Co at its finest have made way towards to the library and even downpour was not a problem for them… They were fast and furious, full of crazy energy and joy to impart…



It seems that everyone enjoyed goings-on : kids, mimes and even director of the library)))


Having got into our roles, we even managed to act out some episodes, which have fascinated young audience.

We tried hard as best as we could. Some even showed their ballet pas.


I hope they won’t see us in the nightmares)))


After performing we were thinking if we should go to the bay and hand round the hat, well, nice idea to rise some money as an addition to the volunteers’ pocket money…. Also available for booking lol))))


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