Round trip to Braga: volunteer experience gets reacher


“Continental Portugal seems so different after Madeira.” – the first idea pops in my mind after coming back to the island. Previous week was challenging, fun and tight enough to squeeze some minutes to call to my mom and tell what’s happening. But she checks Facebook and knows for sure – we went to a mainland for on-arrival training for volunteers, to Braga city, pretty far from Madeira and much further from home.



Porto in two pictures: airport and metro station

What do you know about Braga? Well, it’s obvious, but for me it was sort of surprise: I realized this city is not just a hotel and a railway station we arrived to. After couple or really busy training days in hotel, full of activities from 9 am till night, we went to check the city and… I think I fall in love with Braga: these clean old streets, breathing with history and culture, soft autumn sun highlighting Portuguese architecture, which is so different from what I saw before. That city walk totally distracted me from everything and everyone; I just let myself enjoying a new place.




Braga in three pictures: streets, golden shadows and unhurried life pace

What to say about the training session itself? Although the schedule was crazy, it was such a pleasure to meet up and interact with people, united with the same goal, similar ideas and huge spirit of life and some craziness in young minds. For me as big individualist it was really important to learn the lesson of working in groups, big or small ones, always with new people. EVS seems to be much deeper so-called life-changing-experience than I expected it to be…


Volunteering is also about having some fun!

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