Jogos Inter-Freguesias 2016: two crazy days and lots of fun

If Monkeys Unchained compete with Sly Cats: who will win? And then Calculative Wolves or Pesky Foxes?.. During two days, 24-25 September, we tried to find out who is stronger and smarter among the animal world and districts of Camara de Lobos. Inter-district Games 2016 were organized by Teatro Metaphora with the support of Camara Municipal de Camara de Lobos. 15 teams and about 70 people in total participated in funny contests and visited all 5 parts of the county: Camara de Lobos itself, Quinta Grande, Estreito, Jardim da Serra and Curral das Freiras where they stayed overnight.


The Games were popular some years ago, and now the Municipality decided to bring back the tradition and trusted the organization to Teatro Metaphora. And the community received it with great appreciation: it’s an opportunity to have a nice time full of entertaining activities, visit beautiful places and meet interesting people who live next to you but you never knew them before. Most teams were groups of friends, but there were several families who decided to have a one-of-a-kind weekend, too. And they showed amazing results!


The winning team was “Os BUFA-los” of Pedro Guilherme Sousa Gonçalves, Adriano Joaquim Gonçalves Macedo Queiroz and João Queiroz: although they were struggling hard, their main purpose was having fun and spending time with people from their community.


And now our impressions!


Teams and Winners

The names of the teams had to be connected with the animal world spiced with some adjective. The results were surprising. Here is the list of the teams and their final place.

1. Os Bufa-los

2. Os fixes

3. Gatos Manhosos

4. El Papinho

5. Raposas Traquinas

6. 1082Lobos Calculistas

7. Betta Splendens

8. Macacos à solta

9. Lobos da Casa

10. Águia Vermelha

11. Raposas Destemidas

12.Guepardos Ferozes

13. Pandas Jeitosos

14. Leões Poderosos

15. Golfinhos Atómicos

Many people were wondering what Betta Splendens is. Frankly, even the representatives of the team didn’t know either because the name of the team was given by another person. So here it is: Betta Splendens, the Siamese fighting fish.


And also El Papinho, represented by a Portuguese guy from Estreito de Camara de Lobos, a Chilean guy and a Spanish girl.




For last two weeks the most popular word that we’ve heard around was Jogos!!! Now we already can say: WE DID IT!


But long preparation preceded it.


It took almost 1,5 month to come up with competitions and contests, arrange supporting materials and accessories, get everything ready… Everyone made every possible effort to keep our organization’s standards high. And we, the EVS volunteers of Erasmus+ helped these Games to happen. Cutting 20 puzzles of Camara de Lobos, which consisted of 30 pieces, alone counts for a lot! I cannot help but mention bows and targets with traditional symbols of Madeira. Cabo Girao map was drawn carefully, with love and to the finest details. Bottles with caricature faces,  “forcemeter” of bottles filled with corn seeds, balloons filled with water were made for participants’ amusement and exhilaration.  We have explored every corner in Curral das Freiras, made some pictures for Quiz questions and have tried some local liquors… oh, as you see we were working hard!



The Games started with sunrise in the bay of Câmara de Lobos.  All groups managed to finish kayaks competitions, though some participants got morning cold water bath.




The next destination was Cabo Girao with its treasure hunting. Beautiful landscapes, pleasant weather, nice air and  good people around – what could inspire more our participants for the successful implementation of the tasks, among which were puzzle of the parishes, balloons blowing and breaking, bowling, matches burning, paper planes’ airport, garbage gathering and, I guess, now noone will forget the amount of stairs leading to the church!






Quinta Grande greeted us with proper lunch. I would like also to thank people who didn’t let us starve, every meal was tasty and nutritious, even our vegetarians got their portion.


Having recharged we were able to continue on the market place in Estreito. Here participants competed in strength and speed with each other. Some were more quick, some – tricky, others – more crafty. And the best water balloons battle ever!








The most incredible view of the day was Boca dos Namorados. What can be more beautiful than observation of settlement in secret valley grasped between mountains, on which clouds are taking rest in declining sun. Yes, you are right – solving a quiz in such a place. The walking path to Curral das Freiras fleshed out the idyll – one hour on foot through eucalyptus forest helped to relax mind and take a breath.



Sleeping over

It was totally crazy. Apart from activities we prepared for the participants, we just had great time chatting and getting along. Apparently, night time made us all relaxed after a tiring active day, and the day ended up differently for everyone. Some were waiting in a line to take a shower (actually, mostly everyone spent some time of his life in this line), some were hanging out outside the building, some were playing table football or board games, some were already sleeping. But we all felt that sort of team building while getting closer to each other through games and basic communication and chats.


For some of us, as well as for me, it was a brand new experience: bunch of people at one place, pushing comfort zone (especially when you try to fall asleep in a shared room and the rest of 50+ of your flatmates make noises), communications… Well, to be honest, it’s all about communication. Anyway, all this sleeping over thing was amazingly loud, fun and hilarious.

And for sure the participants will not forget the task of putting pieces of T, H and M together.


Oh, and kissing the head of the bold guy 🙂


Sunday morning started with some kind of silence. Well, to be honest, the morning alarm clocks were bothering, but it was still much calmer than the previous night. Fast packing, fast breakfast – and the guys are in the game again through a mobile application. Running around, answering questions, talking to locals… I bet some of them drunk chestnut liquor in a local café while passing the quiz. Curral das Freiras seemed to be a small place but not when you run around searching for a right answer of the question in the game application, and you’re limited in time. Anyway, a cold morning in mountains turned to a hot day for all the players.


When the quest part was finished, we were welcomed for a lunch and then… Final results!


The main impression was like: wow. The participants were so enthusiastic and energized, always laughing and knowing how to enjoy moments. And although they were competing the whole day, all of them still had energy for night. Maybe, if not night hours and need to take a rest, we could be all awake for more time… Who knows. This whole synergy thing was amazing. Months of preparations were definitely worth it and it should become an annual tradition, I think.


It was 2 amazing days full of emotions, sport activities, smiles and laugh, interaction and cooperation, team-work and the most important – meeting new people, exchanging ideas and thoughts, life time memories, stories and photos.


When all is over, looking back, I realize how much energy and efforts were made to have these games catchy, exiting and interesting for the participants. The level of it really impresses. However, high point of the Games is its participants, people of all generation, who decided to devote their spare time and spend a weekend with us. So positive, active, energetic, vigorous, united and friendly you were! You are the best!!! And see you next time!


By Natalia Sobolieva and Daria Tikhonova

Photos: Daria Tikhonova



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