We speak Portuguese

Now after 8 months in Portugal I have one important thing to mention. It seems that we started speaking Portuguese.

I do not mean having long conversations on serious topics, it is too early. But to understand generally what people say and to respond, explain ourselves, even though with mistakes – yes!

What a wonderful feeling.

Suddenly we are not deaf to the world, sounds in the streets started having meaning.

When you have a small talk with a barman in Sete Mares;

when you agree to say “Hi!” to Nicola from Moises, a local homeless celebrity, previously having learned his entire life story;

when you read stupid friends’ posts on Facebook in Portuguese;

when you listen to “Lambada” song and sing together, but now with real words and not “aa-lalalalala” as before – all this was difficult to imagine in the beginning.

I remember all anxiety during first trips to a local supermarket. At the cash desk you are worried: what if they will ask something?..

Now we can take books or newspapers and be sure that at least the general meaning will be clear.

The language is not easy, especially the verbs and pronunciation. And I’m sure we make a lot of mistakes. But since the sun is shining bright and I just understood all people’s talks on the way to the supermarket – let me enjoy this glorious feeling today.

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