The Road to a New Day

Last weekend our friends invited us to an event which is a must do in Madeira. We were waiting for it for so long. Sunrise on the top of the mountain!

The magic of a new day was appreciated from almost the top of the highest peak in Madeira – Pico Ruivo. We were at about 1600 m. The vision was divine, when after a cold dark night you see the sun rising from the ocean and lighting every cloud in the sky, every hill and every blade of grass. In Portuguese “sunrise” is “birth of the sun”, a new day – a new life.




After the mountain there was a pleasant bonus – we went to see the remote village of São Jorge and all the beauties of its shoreline.

sao jorge

sao jorge 3sao jorge2

Sara, Cristina, Andreia, Luís, Ivo, Bruno and others – thank you very much for this unforgettable moment!

Photos: Andriy Petryna

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