Flower Parade in Madeira


No one can be immune to this beauty. A day, when a flower island turns to even more flowery place – the festivity of colors, fragrances, imagination and a fairy-tale: Festa da Flor in Madeira.



This year we were honored to participate in the parade and saw everything with our own eyes.


Yes, all flowers were real.





The main preparation happened just a night before the parade – because all flowers needed to be fresh.


Yes, we rehearsed the choreography for one month.



During this time two important things happened. My charming partner Sergio progressed in dancing from “not very comfortable” to “natural and light like wind over Cabo Girão”. And he learned to say REHEARSAL!


As for me, I don’t think I will ever forget the lyrics of Elvis’ “Jailhouse rock” or a popular kids’ song in Madeira “Dentro da imaginação tudo pode acontecer…”. Neither my Dutch friend Gaby who was visiting me at the time of the rehearsals. They are so infectious that I was singing them during the whole parade and in many photos appeared with my mouth open in fabulous ways.


The people from our group, Turma do Funil, became even closer during the preparation: in fact, we were more having fun than practicing. And during the parade, sparkles in the eyes of people dancing near me showed: we are enjoying it as much as you, maybe even more than the audience!


As Serginho said, this Festival is a souvenir – for our life. But like flowers wither, this festival is bright for one short moment and it’s gone, same as we will leave Madeira. This adds a bit of sadness, tristeza in our celebration, and this is why it’s even more beautiful.



Photos by: Art Photography Madeira https://www.facebook.com/art.photography.madeira/

A short video: https://www.facebook.com/FestasDaFlorNaMadeira/videos/vb.259209624166475/1040547402699356/?type=2&theater


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