Last weekend we had an amazing experience with a group of kids and teenagers from some different places of Madeira. The activity was called “Smartcamp”. It was a two days camp aimed to teach English in a non-formal way.
Actually, until the end we didn’t know if it would really happen, because we didn’t have enough participants. But at last, like a miracle, a big group called from Tabua, Ribeira Brava.
So, we started our trip from Câmara de Lobos in Saturday morning, we picked them up, and we went to Porto Moniz, where we had arranged our accomodation at the local “Casa da Juventude”. A beautiful hostel with a cozy wooden flat and a magnificent view to the Atlantic Ocean.


We started our activities early. After ice-breaking we invited the participants to write the rules for the weekend. Everything in  English! It was nice to see how, despite the different levels of fluency, the group was taking shape and the more experienced ones were always helping the others.
The same thing happened with the ages: there was no separation, only one big group, in which everyone was welcomed to contribute in his own way.


In fact, our activities were specifically meant to build a team. But at the same time, we created an English-speaking ambient.
In the end, I’m sure that apart from learning new words and expressions, the participants gained a new familiarity with English language. And I’m also sure that they enjoyed the experience.


For us, the trainers, it was also an important occasion. By working together we could eventually see others’ skills. In the end, I think that this event created a new solidity in our team, and a new friendship.

We all hope, now, to repeat this activity. As soon as possible!


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