Life Is Two Days, Carnival – Three

“É Carnaval, ninguém leva a mal” – say people in Madeira, which roughly translates as “what happened in Vegas stays is Vegas”. Another saying is from Brazil – “life is two days, and carnival – three”. What I mean is that people take celebrating of carnival very seriously – starting on Friday and finishing on Tuesday late night. The festivity ends with Trapalhão – a joking parade where you can be as crazy as you want with no limits.


This year Teatro Metaphora chose to represent Rastafari culture in all its colors.


Before you start criticizing, let me explain. This carnival is designed to laugh at social ills and norms, politics, religion etc. There is even a board of judges which chooses the best team, and this year the winner – “Banif Crash” (Queda do Banif) – showed the funeral procession of a Portuguese bank which was sold to Spain.


We didn’t win, but according to public’s reaction, we were one of the best. The preparation took a while, starting from the idea, making our outfit, flags, decoration for the truck, a huge joint which we had inside, and setting smoke machines which were covering everything with clouds.


The main characters in the parade were:

Our spiritual leader who really believes that marijuana must be legalized 🙂 It will take just a little more time, he shows with his fingers.


Albino who needed the least preparation to look like Rasta.


Cristina who made the best t-shirt design!


Where is Rasta, there is Moribundo.


Sofia who proves that rastafari can be elegant, too.


Crazy man Fernando who was making barbeque on the truck during the whole parade and after.


Luís who first offered a drink and then said hello.



Rodolfo, real Rastafari during and beyond the carnival.


Good people who not only gave us the truck but also joined the parade!


And many-many more!


During the parade no marijuana leaf was destroyed or mistreated.

Photos: Art Photography Madeira

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