“A LOT of letters” or “About last two weeks”

So, hello everybody 🙂 Finally I have a mood and calm moment to write smth into the blog. Two last weeks were incredible. A lot of scenes and moments that will stay in my memory for hole life. And to be continued, believe me.

I missed a lot of time without writing. Now I think I will make a list of events that happend to me (to us) last two weeks. Let’s make it chronologycally. Be carefull, A LOT of letters!!

So, the first one about what I didn’t say nothing and nowhere it was one more (already third one) poetry reading in Agrela bar, here in Câmara de Lobos. It was an experiment. Nicola read some poetry from some italian poet and during the reading I was improvising with a guitar. It is a bit difficult not to interrupt Nicola, but also join the speach and to be part of his words. I tried to add some new emotions and make his words sometimes more emotional. And sometimes we did very nice. At least we are both enjoyed it. I hope people liked it also.



Next, we had four crazy days of carnivals. First and the biggest one was in Funchal. Everything was very, very bright. Anastasia even participated it as a dancer. I don’t jealous her, because it was very hard work to go to all those rehearsals and then two hours dancing in front of a lot of people and you almost without clothes but with some plumage on your head!  And on the next morning she were…she almost didn’t exist even))

Ok, and on the photo here is me with some nice dancer and policeman))



On the next day we had small carnival on Estreito. I went to check out what is happening there. Yes, carnival wasn’t that big in comparison with carnival in Funchal, but people were so open and creative. And I’ve fallen in love with that district of Câmara de Lobos. That cold climate and that nature, and those landscapes, and those views, such a fresh mountain air, oh…


Next (third) day of carnivals we had one in  the centre of Câmara de Lobos. And it was almost the same carnival that happend in Funchal two days before, with the same groups. So, Anastasia participated it again. Now I don’t jealous to her twice. I even don’t want to imagine how is to dance in that high women shoes on the road… Also, president of Câmara de Lobos participated the carnival. He played some bells with orchestra and another workers of municipality. And in the very end of the evening he was playing music with dj on the stage! Amazing man!)



Next (fourth) and last carnival was the best! All people from Teatro Metaphora participated that one! All of us were rasta man, everybody with his own design of clothes. Our job was to cheer people and share with our mood. We had very loud rasta music on our truck and some smoke machines. So all time we had a small cloud above us. But one crazy man Fernando was making barbecue!! inside of truck and becouse of it we had true smoke and smell. Especially when we puted inside of barbecue some dry leaves of banana tree!..) I have no words to share with my memories, only emotions that I felt. And Anastasia already  described it better in her article, of course. So, I’ll just put more pictures. And one very important thing – italian guys Nicola and Sergio didn’t participate this carnival becouse they went to Braga for a training course..Guys, I missed you to much that day!



Not everybody even from Madeira have been on Desertas islands. There are three of island.  And one of islands we’ve visited (biggest one). It was one of those days that I will remember all my life. Perfect morning. Funchal. Port. Perfect weather. We are on a military boat (but without any guns on it). Going to islands. It is protected area there, common turists can’t go there, you should have some license, etc. But we had that great opportunity. Two hours and a half on a ship in one way. Some small excursion around the ship. Eating sandwich, looking at the sea and air-planes landing on Madeira, searching dolpins. Finnaly, we stoped at some distance from bigger island and went to the beach by small boats. So incredible, we were almost flying above the sea with that high speed! Taking some sandwich on the island and looking around, some small excursion around small peace of island and coming back with the same small boat to the big ship. And again 2.5 hours in the ship, with nice crew. Not, it was not just nice crew. Those guys are awesome! It looks like they are really in love with their job! Everybody so unique, especially with their beards and old school tattoos. And some sangria with fruits and ice shared by crew with us was like a cherry on the top of our trip-pie!..



Of course, I missed a lot of things and stories that happend to me these days, but c’mon, article is already too long. Here is only brightest moments. Thank you if you read untill these words and if you read at all!) And I happy to know that I will have what to describe in one-two weeks later! But what is expecting me after that next corner nobody knows.



Sincerelly, your Yevhen Honcharenko.


Câmara de Lobos. 15 feb 2016

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