THe next next article

Ok, let’s start.

About video. Last time I was speaking about making video. I said that I’m going to make some. So, here it is! I hope everybody who is following this blog already have seen this, but if you still didn’t see it, you are welcome:      Hope, I’ll make some more, but I need to find some really nice idea (you are also can propose)! But what I’ve understood, and what is very important, that shooting of people is more complicated. But result should be more interesting and useful than just shooting of nature. Let’s see later.


About music. Last time I said that we are going to make one more poetry reading event with Nicola. And we did. It was in Funchal. At some nice place with a good ambiente in it. It is nice feelings when people who came to listen us tell words of gratitude! Thanks to everybody who came! By the way, on this event we’ve met some another EVS-volunteers, hope to keep in touch with them and maybe to participate the events of each other. And…this week we are going to make the next poetry event, here in Câmara de Lobos in Agrela bar.

Here, in post of Anastasia, you can see some nice pictures of our last event:


About creativity. 












About Fado music.  EVS-volunteers that we’ve met on our last event invited us on the concert of fado music. It happend in Jesuits colledge (as I understood it was Madeira university). So, it was my first experience of listeting fado. It was very sensitive music session. And I was wondered of people sitting after me, becouse they were speaking to each other German, to us in English, but they were singing in Portuguese.




Ok, hope you’re doing well. And we’re keep working on our ideas/projects/dreams/tasks etc. Have a nice and productive time! Até logo!






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