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Sometimes people asking me what I’m doing there. So here is some parts of my daily life. Be careful there’s a lot of letters!

About video. For the moment I study some software for making video. It is a bit hard but I feel everything is possible. And for the moment I have some interesting idea in my head and some nice video material in my cellphone. So I hope you will see the result in very short time. I hope you will like it!

About music. This week we have scheduled event in some restaurant in Funchal. It will be poetry reading by Nicola and I will play guitar. We already did the same event before but here in Câmara de Lobos in Agrela bar. Everybody who came there liked it. For me events like this are motivating and inspiring me. Even Jóse António liked it, he asked me “why do you don’t play to us more often?” I hope I will, António, but I need a lot of practice for it! Here is link for our next event, you are welcome:

About recycling.  Here, we do some projects with recycling. For the moment we have a lot of broken washing machines in our office (if you have more, you can bring also!), we are putting off some parts of them and you will see the result also after some time. I hope it will be something great.

Also, I proud of my work with electricity. First, I made connection for Lidia’s project with 7 lamps, it was kind of tiny job, with a lot of connected small parts in closed space. But result is perfect. 111


The next my “project” with electicity is here, it is illuminating with red lamps for a bar (bar made by Sergio). I made it also for one project that still is preparing (but idea of it is awesome).


Here you can see some of furniture that made of pallets. For the same project. And we need more pallets  for more furniture! These tables made by me (it is drying after painting). I’m going to make at least one more table and some sofas.


Also, kind of foam plastic recycling for very important thing! This is bobbers(os flutuadores (port.)) for fishing! Hope you also will see the result of using it, but when I will have more free time and success :))



About creativity. Last saturday we had one activity organized by Anastasia. It was a workshop about how to create a t-shirt with your own desighn. But the goal was to create a t-shirt in rasta-style for one of huge event that we will have soon (I thing it is still kind of our small secret, you will see soon). So, the process is not that difficul but you obviously should have a tallent of painter to make it good! Here is a result of my creativity, not that good, but I never was good at painting.


About languages. Portugues – I hope it is getting better. I understand what people speak about but for me it is still difficult to have a long conversation or to speak about some diffult topics. But when I see subtitles on a TV, for example, I understand almost everything. I should work harder in this way! English – I’ve met some mormon guys, they are from USA, so they are native speakers which is very important in learning process, I’m visiting their English classes and taking some conversations about everything.

About food. To survive you should cook everyday something for you. And I had a big experience in cooking here. Now I know how to cook a lot of different dishes. For example I know how to cook a local most tasty cakes “pastel de nata” , Italian volunteers made a workshops for us and now I know how to make tiramisu and pasta. But most important for me is knowledge how to cook a “borsch” – traditional ukrainian dish I’ve never cooked in Ukraine by myself!

About GYM. To stay healthy I go to the Lobo GYM every day. I like that place and that people so much! I spend a big part of my pocket money for GYM, but it is imposible for me not to go there.

About postcards. I send a lot of postcards from Madeira to my friends and finnaly after one month they received them! And I’ve got some postcards from Ireland, Spain and Ukraine. It is such a warm feeling to receive a postcard from friends with a warm words.


I hope you liked my post! Thank you. Eugene. 



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