Noite Pessoana: Metaphora brings literature to a bar


A beautiful and surprising event happened yesterday night. A poncha bar known as “Agrela”, a favourite place of local fishermen, hosted poetical readings. The event was called “Noite Pessoana” and was devoted to the works of Fernando Pessoa, a famous Portuguese poet. It was organized by Nicola D’Altri who is in love both with poetry and Agrela’s bar.


Nicola is a part of a volunteering project of Teatro Metaphora (European Volunteering Service, Erasmus+), and one of its goals is to bring culture and art closer to local people.


Noite Pessoana was a success. Nicola read his favorite poems of Pessoa, giving a small preview in English because not all the audience understood Portuguese – there were guests from Italy, Finland and Britain. The readings were accompanied by the guitar music of Eugen Honcharenko, another volunteer. Even among beer boxes, pots and pans he managed to create a specific artistic ambient which helped the audience dive deeply in Pessoa’s poems and its metaphors.


It was the first time when such an event took place in Agrela’s; we suspect that even in the whole Camara de Lobos nothing like that happened before.

Sinhor Joao, the bar owner, was very modest with comments. He just told Nicola that he is welcome to organize further events. However previously he had confessed that acquaintance with the volunteers of Teatro Metaphora changed some of his visions considerably.


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