Running time or Madeira landscapes

For me, to discover a new town there is nothing better than to run through its streets. You see people busy with their daily routine, feel smells and hear sounds and easily become a part of it.

And there is hardly any better place to run in Madeira than through Promenade, so welcome to a small “running” tour.

Promenade is a 3 km sidewalk which joins the town of Câmara de Lobos and the capital city of Funchal. It’s very picturesque as it winds between lava rocks with palms and flowers on one side and ocean waves on the other.

I start jogging up the bay in Câmara de Lobos, around the place which inspired Winston Churchill to put it on canvass. Imagine, the former British Prime Minister was quite a good painter!


Then the sidewalk passes a sport ground, with the only sport equipment for public use available in Câmara de Lobos.


As the crime rate in Madeira is close to zero, it’s safe to jog any time of the day here. But only if you are not a lizard.


One thing which still surprises us is the cement factory which is located in this area. Cement production on the sea shore of the paradise, really? As there are no railways and the roads are too tricky for large trucks, cement is loaded through a long bridge on ferries and delivered throughout the island.


Another weird thing is the station of the factory that emits very cold air as a part of production every evening. Probably, the coldest spot on the island.


This is probably a crime scene where several people were shot and the police marked their bodies on the ground.


Promenade passes a small river which collects water from the mountains and accidentally can grab some things on the way. This time it’s a supermarket trolley, before we saw a bike.


On the wall you might see the contours of a lion with flowers growing from its nose. The graffiti was here when we arrived but recently the municipality covered it with grey paints, probably to save the integrity of concrete walls. Not very successfully – like brunettes who try to seem blonds. Anyways good bye, my dreams to paint the walls with bright colors!


Lots of tourists pass the place every day. Sometimes they leave nice pieces of art.

“Sun shines for everybody”.


The Promenade continues but I usually turn around near the bar zone. I tried running through once but I felt with my back that I wasn’t welcome there. It’s a normal reaction – my beer also loses its taste when I see people doing sports next to me.


The photo below is staged; I never look that good 🙂

Have a good day and stay healthy!


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