If we were cartoons…

Today, a month after our project start I would like to present our team. It’s very diverse but day after day we learn more and more about each other and get closer like a real team – for example, of a ship. Let’s stick to this metaphor and imagine how we could look if we were cartoon characters. Of a space ship Planet Express from “Futurama”.

Good news, everyone! We are starting with Jose Antonio, our leader. He is our genius professor – on one hand, tired of everything, but on the other hand – an endless source of mind-blowing ideas. “Good news, everyone” – is a catchy phrase of the professor. “Everything is possible”, -adds Jose.



Albino. A helper for Jose and a strong backup for everyone. He is good with papers, logistics, and support of all kinds but also has hands of gold. At first sight Albino looks serious and unapproachable but then you discover an open and playful personality. Just like Hermes from Hawaii, an accountant-bureaucrat who loves limbo dance. P.S. “Albino” means white, and his secret nick-name in the office is “a black man”. Well, secret until now.



Lidia, or Lidinha, or Lidia de Maracuja – a female leader of Teatro Metaphora. An active and independent girl but also very sensitive, just like Leela from Futurama. She is the focus of most jokes during our leisure activities, but also she gets most of hugs.



Nicola from Italy is an artist in all senses – when he paints aquarelles and practices drama, has days without inspiration for any type of work, and artistically copies the slang of local fishermen. In our cartoon he gets the role of Bender Rodriguez – biggest trouble, but biggest fun, too!



Sergio, another volunteer from Italy, is an interesting mixture of a really good actor who has a tender inner world and a street boy who plays football and watches “Star Wars”. In our cast Sergio is Mefisto, because he really looks like a devil when he wants.



Zhenya from Ukraine is definitely Fry, a usual guy who accidentally got to the 31 century and now every day discovers this weird and surprising world. Just like Fry, he is a bit naïve and has expectations which often don’t meet the reality but in the end he is a person all the team of Planet Express will risk and die for.



Raquel, our guide to the world of Portuguese, local traditions and habits which can never be learnt from books. Sometimes Raquel may seem a bit cynic but in fact she has a big passion towards many things surrounding her. In our team she is Amy – a party girl. But only geeks like me know that Amy is also a scientist.



Andriy is Doctor Zoidberg. He is usually not a key character (because Andriy is technically not a part of Metaphora), but when something important happens, he is always there!



And of course, we cannot forget about Lino, our landlord. He knows everybody in Madeira, gives us survival tips and sometimes even brings home grown bananas. He is Slurm, King of Parties!



And finally, me. For what I’ve written above I guess I deserve to be Mom, the main antagonist and evil character of Futurama. Well, someone needs to play this role.



I hope you liked this metaphors. Leave comments if you agree or not. Also if you want to get a role – write to me, too. The cartoon has some more creatures to offer!

futurama team

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