Just give the name to this article by yourself, ok? )

This time I would like to tell you about “job” and other kind of activity, but who cares about it? Just let’s see some pictures from friday night.

In the beginning of friday night we watched a movie. Italian one with portuguese subtitles. I don’t speak any of those languages, but everything was understandable. Sometimes you don’t need to translate.


Oh, btw, there was a small pre-movie-party. There is a picture of a Saint Devil. Look at here:


So unhappy St.Devil. Maybe, it was better to put next picture of him:


Yeah, now it’s better. Definitely!

So. Also, of course, there was a crazy after-movie-party. And everybody moved to Noname bar, which is the best place here. Best places don’t need any advertisement. Every local ‘pescador’ knows that place. Just check it. (I chose pictures with a worse quality to make my article better).



Every conversation sooner or later goes to the same theme…speaking about ‘o caralho’. I guess on the next picture Nicola shows to Lidia the size of a fish catched by him. It looks like she is impressed. But Nicola is modest.


And in the end of the article I would like to share with you some pictures from our daily life.

Sergio. Activities.Funchal.


Me (Jenya) and Nicola. A brotherhood of stripy man.


Jenya Honcharenko. 

Camara de Lobos. Madeira. 2015.




One thought on “Just give the name to this article by yourself, ok? )

  1. Lolol. Jenya, by the look on Lídia’s face, I believe that they where continuing the “caralho” conversation instead of speaking of the size of the fish…Ahahahah!


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