Vamos practicar drama

Two shaking in the corner, the other two barking at them.

It’s not a new animal TV-show. It’s how Zhenya described the first class of our drama studio last week.

An initiative was offered by Sergio and Nicola as a spin-off from the Theater Laboratory, a drama project for local children of Camara de Lobos. So far our studio is for internal use only, and there are only 5 of us. Things we are doing may seem crazy for outer observers, and this is why no strangers’ eyes are allowed inside – because for us they make sense. Moreover, we usually take our belongings to another room; close the door and the window – so that there are just us and our full presence and attention.

The idea of the studio is to experiment with drama, dance techniques and music and to see where it will lead us. And I am very excited about it!

The task of the weird scene was to imagine ourselves as animals and try interacting with each other. Of course, Zhenya slightly simplified the action but to be honest it really looks as it seems 🙂

However we don’t only bark at each other. Last time we learned to work with space, and now we are moving to a challenging goal – how to work as a group, a joint organism. We are not there yet, but practice makes perfect!IMG_20151102_003028

P.S. The post is illustrated by Nicolas Cage in banana peels. Because why not. No photos from the class available since no photographer was allowed inside for the abovementioned reasons

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