About nothing (Ни о чем)

I’m here only two weeks and I do not know why but…This is f****** strange, I couldn’t even imagine that it would be so hard. Sitting in “my” room and missing my Ukrainian/true/real home. I miss my family, I miss my friends, I miss my town, I miss my(!) room… I miss my cats! I am listening to Dream Theater which helps me in different difficult situation (and making a lot of noise, I hope my neighbors can forgive me). But what is wrong? Everything is ok. I’m living in a wonderful place, with wonderful people…

Yesterday, I was sitting on a big stone and looking at big ocean waves, I was thinking about… ok, yes, about the sence of my life and everything. I’ve realized that everything I had in my whole life I left on ‘mainland’. And now and here there is nothing and nobody to lean on. Enjoy it, Jenya. Nicola (Italian volunteer) asked once if I realized that I’m on Madeira? Now I’ve realized that I’m somewhere really far and for a long time. But, isn’t that the reason why I’m really here? Who was that guy who dreamed to leave everything behind and go somewhere to understand what is actually important in his life? ..

Btw, that place (somewhere near Faial) actually has a strong energy. Everybody was thinking at that moment. Everybody was thinking only about their own feelings. Sometimes it is very important.

JAntonio thinking about the sence of his life (I guess)..

rVAGd9BqTlsNicola things about sence of…(usualy it is hard for me to read to his thoughts)

Everybody is thinking…
LaaY4j98Il0 OjN8F6vByhU

utkHOggUtQo Only Ocean is not calm…


Дом стоит, свет горит,
Из окна видна даль.
Так откуда взялась печаль?
И вроде жив и здоров,
И вроде жить – не тужить.
Так откуда взялась печаль?..(c) Viktor Robertovich Tsoi

Jenya Honcharenko
Camara de Lobos, Madeira


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