The people of Madeira

There is much to say about this first week in Madeira, a small and beautiful island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

I want to dedicate my first post to the people, and this photo summarizes them all.11933398_1058707640820023_4990446281533124156_n

-To Nicola companheiro italiano in this adventure, with whom I am discovering all the beautiful places, the people and especially (as perfect Italians) the happiness of cooking and eating the fresh local fish.

Peixe Cavala 2€ kg (mackerel)
Espada Preto 6€ kg (swordfish)
Salmão 5€ kg (salmon)

-To Nadia, that represents the joy of all the friends who are walking with us through

the local celebrations and to the parties.

-To Joao, a funny man who fills our evenings with his delicious Poncha (orange, maracujà, rhum of madeira, sugar, honey, prepared at the moment with a flow that only the masters can have)

This adventure has just started and it is already a wonderful experience.The Portuguese is complicated but I love it, and watching the sunset over the ocean at 9 p.m. is a beautiful natural show.


Sergio Cuccia


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