See you next time.


First post from Poland. Behind the window – rainy and windy weather. My Erasmus is over.   Pictures already took their place on the wall.  Portuguese music is still playing in my headphones.  And I have to move on.  Start writing my thesis. Wish me luck.

From this place I would love to say OBRIGADO. Obrigado todos pelos bons momentos! Those two moths pass very fast.  But were full of new experiences: joy, happiness, surprises, beautiful views and more more more things. But most important. I met amazing people here.

Teatro Metaphora, group of crazy  bastards, with whom you never  know what is gonna happen. With whom  since  my first day I felt very welcomed  and comfortable. With whom you will never found boredom.

Antonio – president, always thinks  that he knows everything and is always right. Likes to make stupid jokes, makes fun of Lidia and makes people cry to push their confidence.

Albino – guy, who can turn his eyelid on the other side. Always tells funny jokes and be there always if you need him.

Lidia – small, little black spot ( sorry Darling :*), who wants to be always everywhere. Always with big smile on her face, always loud and with many ideas in her head.

They everyday  sit  in this tiny place on  São João de Deus  street and provide people from Madeira and mainland amazing opportunity to be part of something special, see word, meet new culture and what is most important – learn, find knowledge which you will never found just sitting at home.

There are also others. Raquel – best Portuguese teacher, Agostino – best Tony Carreira singer, Andre – poncha friend and  best host – Lino., and many other people with  whom I could share my amazing adventure.

All this confirm that you can go anywhere and  it’s nothing to be afraid about. , You are not lonely on the Island.  There are always people around. There are always amazing people around.

Thank you for everything.

Obrigado e ate a proxima!

Dziękuję i do zobaczenia!

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