Put your hand in front of you.


Sitting on the balcony. One more time. Time goes so fast. Internship is almost over.  Evenings are a little bit colder. From nearby restaurant I can hear  beautiful, full of saudade sounds of. FADO. Live concert.  What I would want more?

Madeira has something.  Thing  that you can get tired.Not of her. But tired of opportunities.  Tired, but  in this pleasant way. Way, that you want her more and more. I have always been living in  flat as pancake area. , Here – up, down, up, down. Nice strain. You are scrambling through the big, dense forest or high-hanging levadas.  Don’t get too close and don’t  look down if you are afraid of heights . But look up. Put your hand in front of you. Maybe you can catch the cloud?   Going, admiring and cannot believe, what mother Nature is capable of. ..

After all hikings, is so great to jump  to the freshy ocean…

IMAG1739 P1010700 11831786_1023942647651069_830031790943341823_nP1010893

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