High cliffs, black, rocky beach, colorful boats, coffee in small cafes. Flowers, palms, beautiful views.


Camara de Lobos is small, fisherman city. As all Madeira – go up, go down, go up, and go down – and you are in right place. From everywhere you can see ocean. Now I understand, why people don’t have bikes here. Camara de Lobos – city, where Churcil fell in love with, and now I am adoring her. Small place where everywhere you can go by foot. Where from early morning you can hear  shouts of fishermans coming back from sea. Where every early morning in the city center they play cards, drink beers and debate about everything and nothing. Where everyone knows each other. Since always it is well known that north and south Europe are very different.  But I have never been in place where people are so kind to each other and never seen people with so truly smiles. Yesterday one man came to me and said:

Why are you so sad? Smile, please!. Life is too short to worry about anything!

Everywhere should be like this!

IMAG1556 (2) - Kopia

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