Hello world!

Portugal flag

International  Exchange is a big step. First you have to fulfil lot of papers and then go out from your comfort zone. You have to make an agreement for uncernity, lack of prescience, especially when you are going alone and you have no idea how your life will be looking like for next weeks, where you will stay, what exactly you are going to do.  Everything seems quite creepy, right?

BUT mainly EVERY International Exachange is an adventure you will never forget.  It is the best way to  know new culture, learn about customs, habits, ways of living, to try new cousine, meet your anxieties,  boost your confidence, increase independence. It is possibility to see the most beautiful landscapes, collect most memorable moments and make your small or big dreams come true.

In this blog, every participant of International Exchange, no metter which one, EVS, Erasmus or Erasmus+ Internship,  who will come to TeatroMataphora to spend their time with Organization, will write  scraps od thouhts.

3rd of July 2015 I started my next adventure with new world. Okey, it’s not exactly new. In 2013 I spent 5 months in the north Portugal, so I know basics of language or some traditions. But this adventure will be on completely different rules. How it will be? We will see, but as Erasmus had a big influence on my life, I can expect only all the best.

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